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I offer a wide range of photography services, including portraits, events and lifestyle product photography. I also have a team of photographers and videographers I can call on for larger events or other specalties at my agency, MediaMandy Agency.

Generally, final photos are sent within 3 days. Costs vary upon event, travel, and equipment. Standard price is $100 per hour of shooting. That price includes 2 rounds of edits. 

Photo/Video inquiries can be sent to my email directly:

amandakhoskinson [at]


My company, MediaMandy Agency offers comprehensive digital marketing services and consultations for businesses of all sizes. Our team of marketers, designers, videographers and analysts is just what you need to get a brand started and grow an existing one. Because we've been in this industry for over a decade, we're the perfect jack-of-all-trades to add to your business' marketing efforts. No organization is too small to take advantage of digital media. From social media to email marketing to e-commerce, we've got you covered.

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Fox Broadcasting Company

  • Beats by Dre

  • Olympics (+ LA2024 + Team USA + NBC)

  • Danny Trejo (Actor + Entrepreneur)

  • LA Tourism Board (DiscoverLA)

  • LA City + Eric Garcetti's Office

  • UCLA

  • Meitu

  • City of Long Beach

  • Port of Long Beach

  • Art & Global Health Center

  • Poetry Society of Los Angeles

  • Amy Roiland (Model + Entrepreneur)

  • Dave Farina (Youtuber)

  • Madoka Hamlin (Photographer)

  • Jesy Odio (Director)

  • Bobby Gordon (Art Director)


Client Reviews

Amanda took live photos of my band & made us look AWESOME! She really captured the essence of our performance. Consummately professional & creative, serious about her craft but with an easygoing attitude & rapport - she is basically a joy to work with. Highly recommend!
— Joel Murray, Lyell Likes Rocks (Band)
Amanda is so talented that you will want her to consult on every aspect of your project, she is inspired and most of all resourceful, and as an added bonus, her network is vast and almost equally as talented as she is. Hire her now
— Tamara Jenkins, Olympian and Business Owner
Amanda opened my eyes to the true potential in my art by expanding my heart to take in a larger audience
— Yama Lake, Artist